Thursday, May 24, 2007


I must admit that the thought of sitting through a documentary can sometimes be daunting. Especially when the subject is Genocide. Capital G. This is one of those films that you will sit through not because you are enjoying yourself but because you cannot take your eyes off the screen. Honestly one of the most compelling human (and human rights) stories I have ever seen. I hadn't realized how much the two hours moved me until the subject, Marine Brian Steidle, came to the front of the room and I started to cry. The passion, intelligence and truth this man speaks with will make you ashamed if you were ever one of those people who thought that military families were often families who didn't want to or couldn't go to college. This man coule probably educate an entire Harvard graduating class.

Don't you wonder why public schools in America don't make watching things like this film mandatory? Just an hour a week instead of gym class would probably do this country a whole lot of good.

Visit THE DEVIL CAME ON HORSEBACK for screening info.

Thursday, May 3, 2007


It's official ... I have now been to a rally. It only took 26 years.

I have always been fascinated by the people who stand on the sides of streets with signs attached to them. I have always wondered who these people were; what made them get out of their car. Yesterday I decided to park and get out - if only just to see.

Here's what I found out: as suspected, over 75% of the people were my parent's generation or older. Yes, elderly people with pots and pans banging away. Their was one child who resembled Tarzan and wore a shirt reading "War Budget leaves every Child Behind." He made me smile.
Mixed in with the older crowd were two model looking foreigners, a mother-daughter duo from Argentina and a couple college kids. I seemed to be the only military family member there and I was (I think) they only person there alone.

Here is what I noticed about the people driving by who flashed peace signs and honked: they were almost all my age. They almost all looked like my friends - people coming back from auditions, a couple assistants leaving the office ... you get the drift.

Moral of my story (if there is a moral and if this can be called a story) - if you do a lot of complaining about our country, our president ... again, the drift ... get out of your car. It's kind of fun.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Volunteering is Sexy

San Fransisco has an awesome new campaign going ... "Volunteering is Sexy." Check out their print ads and commercials at

A really cool concept and very simple - if you help out you feel good and when you feel good you look good. What better way to attract the myspace generation? We love to look sexy.

Just a thought but it seems that with all the sexiness floating around LA we could stand to one up them (in the brotherly sense of course) and try to get our own sexiness on.

Whose got a camera?

Monday, April 30, 2007

Stay Elusive and Run

Sent Cal a weird little painting kit and it only cost $1.50!!

Okay, so I went to Operation Gratitude to help stuff gift boxes for the troops - oh my god they have quite an operation going on in the valley. It's a huge warehouse with a million boxes of donations ... from chapstick to beanie babies (don't exactly know what they'll do with that but hey, I guess you're never too tough for a stuffed animal.) They make sure that each soldier gets a handwritten card in their box. I helped put the cards together and man are they cute. Good to find out that girl scouts are still handy with the glue gun and ribbons. One card cracked me up so much that I had to sneak it out to send to Cal. It said - "stay elusive and run" ... I mean ??!!?? How funny/inappropriate is that?? They are an awesome organization and they could REALLY use help the last weekend in May when they assemble 60,000 boxes. They are also always taking money donations to help pay for postage. for info

Saturday, April 28, 2007

If You Couldn't Come Today

Then you can come tomorrow!! Yep ... Big Sunday is also on Sunday!!

This time we are doing something important to me (not that battered women aren't close to me ... but you know)
Go to and sign up for:
April 29th for Project Number 0660, Support Our Troops - they have tons and tons of donations and are putting together gift packages with letters for our troops.

Please come help ... then you don't have to feel guilty about not sending my brother something:)

It's Like Going to the Gym

It really is. You know how if you start going to the gym it sucks and you feel like dying when you are putting on your sneakers. And then it gets a little easier ... and eventually (if you're lucky) it's just natural to throw on those clothes when you have free time and take a little jog.

Four of us went to a home for battered women and their kids - while the families were on a field trip about 20 of us painted, gardened and cleaned. I must admit that our group was half an hour late because it's just really hard to get up before 9 on Saturday. But we did stay a little later to clean up ... so there. The rest of the group was, to my amazement, young people. The leader of the group was a (very) young lawyer helped out by her boyfriend who happened to be the assistant to a huge Hollywood producer. Their friends were also execs, assistant etc ... see, you can shmooze at the same time. Better than a bar if you ask me.

All in all, I think our little group of 4 had a great time ... and worked up a sweat. Shower time.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

On a Personal Note ...

My little brother is in Iraq. I know, I know ... we hate Bush ... we hate the war ... you know the rest of the drill. But you really can't hate the kids (because that's what most of them are) that are over there. If you've ever scrolled through your whole cell phone to find someone to call and felt lonely because most of the people aren't really people you want to talk to then imagine what you would feel like on a big ol' base in the middle of the desert (ok, weird analogy I know ... but I really find myself doing that a lot)
This is what my brother posted on his facebook yesterday:

If you are inclined to send me something just think of what you like, send it, and it will be the best gift ever!!
UNIT 40411
FPO AP 96426-0411

Funny story - Calvin requested a yoga mat and a book on spirituality ... I mean, could a 19 year old marine get any cooler?
Little known fact - you only have to pay postage to San Diego because the marines ship it from there (aren't they swell?)

If any of you want to "adopt" someone else please let me know and I'll get you the address of one of his buddies ... I've met all the guys he went over with and they are all super cool. OR if you really can't get to the post office but would like to send something just let me know and I can probably get off my couch to do it.