Thursday, May 24, 2007


I must admit that the thought of sitting through a documentary can sometimes be daunting. Especially when the subject is Genocide. Capital G. This is one of those films that you will sit through not because you are enjoying yourself but because you cannot take your eyes off the screen. Honestly one of the most compelling human (and human rights) stories I have ever seen. I hadn't realized how much the two hours moved me until the subject, Marine Brian Steidle, came to the front of the room and I started to cry. The passion, intelligence and truth this man speaks with will make you ashamed if you were ever one of those people who thought that military families were often families who didn't want to or couldn't go to college. This man coule probably educate an entire Harvard graduating class.

Don't you wonder why public schools in America don't make watching things like this film mandatory? Just an hour a week instead of gym class would probably do this country a whole lot of good.

Visit THE DEVIL CAME ON HORSEBACK for screening info.

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Your doing good things. Thanks.