Thursday, April 26, 2007

On a Personal Note ...

My little brother is in Iraq. I know, I know ... we hate Bush ... we hate the war ... you know the rest of the drill. But you really can't hate the kids (because that's what most of them are) that are over there. If you've ever scrolled through your whole cell phone to find someone to call and felt lonely because most of the people aren't really people you want to talk to then imagine what you would feel like on a big ol' base in the middle of the desert (ok, weird analogy I know ... but I really find myself doing that a lot)
This is what my brother posted on his facebook yesterday:

If you are inclined to send me something just think of what you like, send it, and it will be the best gift ever!!
UNIT 40411
FPO AP 96426-0411

Funny story - Calvin requested a yoga mat and a book on spirituality ... I mean, could a 19 year old marine get any cooler?
Little known fact - you only have to pay postage to San Diego because the marines ship it from there (aren't they swell?)

If any of you want to "adopt" someone else please let me know and I'll get you the address of one of his buddies ... I've met all the guys he went over with and they are all super cool. OR if you really can't get to the post office but would like to send something just let me know and I can probably get off my couch to do it.



Anonymous said...

What's his email address? Could we send online gift certificates to iTunes or Amazon, etc?

audrey said...

Yes ...

Thank you :)