Monday, April 30, 2007

Stay Elusive and Run

Sent Cal a weird little painting kit and it only cost $1.50!!

Okay, so I went to Operation Gratitude to help stuff gift boxes for the troops - oh my god they have quite an operation going on in the valley. It's a huge warehouse with a million boxes of donations ... from chapstick to beanie babies (don't exactly know what they'll do with that but hey, I guess you're never too tough for a stuffed animal.) They make sure that each soldier gets a handwritten card in their box. I helped put the cards together and man are they cute. Good to find out that girl scouts are still handy with the glue gun and ribbons. One card cracked me up so much that I had to sneak it out to send to Cal. It said - "stay elusive and run" ... I mean ??!!?? How funny/inappropriate is that?? They are an awesome organization and they could REALLY use help the last weekend in May when they assemble 60,000 boxes. They are also always taking money donations to help pay for postage. for info

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Steve said...

They give the beanie babies to the Iraqi kids. Pretty cool.

Nice blog by the way.